I started blogging while I lived in the PNW and I really think that nature and the scenery around me played a huge role in my style. When I started, I was making day trips to Mt. Hood, the Oregon coast, I even did a quick weekend trip to Glacier. And with this came waxed jackets, layers on layers, and boots. 

This is when I first discovered Barbour. The most beautiful and classic pieces that I could pair with almost anything. When explaining the brand to my husband I said, “picture us on the English countryside. What would I be wearing?” And he knew exactly what I meant. Barbour’s pieces are timeless and so well made, I know that I will have them for a very long time. 

Since moving to New York, my style has definitely changed. But I still love to pull from my time spent out west. So I decided to style this amazing quilted Barbour jacket. On a day running around the city, I want to be comfortable but still look chic. So I took my high waisted jeans and added a linen crop top that ties in the front. Added my Barbour jacket for the perfect layer and pop of color. I am so in love with this green! 

For my next look, I went with this pretty pink overcoat. If you didn’t know already, I’ve been pretty obsessed with pink lately. So this is the perfect piece for Spring! You can pair it with a skirt and blouse like I did here. Or throw on a pair of jeans, sneakers, and sweater for running around the town. This piece is so versatile. 

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or running around the city, the Barbour Women’s Heritage collection has everything you want + need. It’s available in Barbour retail or online/in-stores at Bloomingdale’s. You can shop my favorite pieces below! Also did a fun Q&A with Barbour on their blog! Check it out HERE



This post was created in partnership with Barbour. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Barbour.