Maddie Greer3 Comments


Maddie Greer3 Comments

Okay, let's talk skincare on the go. 

September is going to be a crazy time for us. We will be traveling almost the entire month!! So I wanted to share with you guys what's in my travel bag and how I keep my skin healthy while on the go. (also don't mind our antiqued mirror ;) ) 

I went to a Dior event today and bought some AMAZING products. I could hardly wait to get home to share with you. My skin is extremely sensitive and Dior has never caused any problems for me. Now, we can all read bad reviews on any product. But, I am writing based on my own experience. My pores seem smaller, my skin brighter, and I am having less breakouts. 

I use the Dior Gentle Foaming Cleanser (Gentle, great for sensitive skin, doesn't leave your skin feeling dry afterwards), followed by the Mist Lotion (A multitasking lotion that cleanses, rebalances, and detoxifies skin. Smells great and has a cooling sensation when sprayed on), and finish with the Pore Reducing Pro-Youth Moisturizer (Improves makeup wear and minimizes pores). 

As well as skincare, I have my favorite "on the go" makeup. The Nars Tinted Moisturizer and concealer is great for warm weather. It's very lightweight and has good coverage. The Marc Jacobs mascara is currently blowing my mind. So in love with the volume it gives me. And the Dior Lip Glow! A lip moisturizer that looks different on everyone. Because the color reacts with the unique chemistry of the lips. It's also great for repairing dry/cracked lips. 

To take off my makeup in a hurry, I use the Clinique makeup remover seen in the photos as well as the wipes. 

Also seen in the photos, my current favorite perfume! I have it in Orchid Vanille.  (and its only $14!) 

I hope this post helps those of you looking for skincare! I think I will do a blog post soon on "buying skincare on a budget". Because I know it can be SO expensive. And usually it is worth the money, but I have also found some incredible things that won't break the bank.