Life can be stressful sometimes, so I try to always have my favorite things on- hand for a pick-me-up when needed - especially @SecretDeodorant! One of the things I love about Secret is that it is the only antiperspirant/deodorant brand designed and created specifically for women. 

You may not know this, but your nose can grow accustomed to scents you smell every day, like your perfume or even your deodorant (this is called nose-blindness!). Because of this, I often feel less protected and fresh as the day goes on.  Secret’s new Fresh Collection with their patented Fade Resistant Scent Technology was created to combat nose-blindness and provide fragrance benefits for up to 48 hours. The collection is available in 11 scents in both Clear Gel and Invisible Solid forms. My favorites are Paris Rose and Va Va Vanilla! 

Purchase yours at and share your favorites! 


This post was sponsored by Secret Deodorant